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BookSpine PH is partnering with Alpabasa, which aims to improve literacy in the Philippines by teaching underprivileged children across the country how to read.



Pasa-Benta! is a consignment service provided by BookSpine PH for declutterers who don't have the time and energy to sell their books.

Reviews About BookSpine

I am super happy with my purchase! I've been looking for a pre-loved copy of Design of Everyday Things for a while now, and Iā€™m glad to find one so affordable. Excited to finally read and learn from this book thanks to BookSpine PH.


What I like about BookSpine is that books are given, not only second chances, but many chances to be read by people since people can have access to a platform where they can sell their books; Also, I like that it gives options to those who want to purchase books but cannot afford to buy brand new books .


Yehey! Finally got my first Stephen King Book at a very affordable price and this is my first time to buy in Bookspine. It took only 4 days for the book to arrive. Looking forward to our next transaction. Thank you, Bookspine PH


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