BookSpine PH’s offers BookDonate and Pasa-Benta programs to help you make good-use of your pre-loved reads by either donating them or selling them!


BookDonate, an initiative by BookSpine PH, aims to support non-profit organizations with the advocacy of spreading literacy among Filipino children.

Through BookDonate, people can donate all kinds of books and supplies which are then sold on the BookSpine PH platforms - bulk of proceeds from the sales are then donated to our partners like Read to Achieve Foundation.


Pasa-Benta! is a consignment service provided by BookSpine PH for declutterers who don't have the time and energy to sell their books.


We make sure that your donations are put to good use

  • Sold on our website

    60% of BookDonate sales are donated to our partner beneficiary, Read-to-Achieve Foundation.

  • Read to Achieve Foundation

    Books will be given upon careful evaluation or discretion of the donor.


With your contribution, here is what we achieved for the first quarter of 2022:

  • 1,678

    Total books

    Received for donation

  • 37

    Donated books sold

    Through our online platforms

  • ₱4,498

    Pesos earned

    From selling donated books


Making an impact in 3 simple steps



You may sign up below.

Or scan the QR code provided:



Pack your items

Prepare your items to be donated. Place them in a bag or box. Label every box with your:

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • BookDonate ID Number
  • Quantity of books donated

Or you can print this BookDonate Label Template.


Wait for your schedule

Depending on your preferred shipping method, drop-off point, and pick-up availability, the team will send you a schedule as to:

  • When to drop-off your items at one of our locations;
  • When to deliver your items to one of our locations; or
  • When to have your items picked-up

Turn your old reads into cash!

  • Pasa-Benta! Alpha

    Earn as much as 40% for every book sold. Just ship out the book, take bulk photos, and list minimum price.

  • Pasa-Benta! Beta

    Earn as much as 45% for every book sold. Just ship out the book, take bulk photos, and fill out our book collection form.

  • Pasa-Benta! Charlie

    Earn as much as 50% for every book sold. Just ship out the book, take bulk photos, and fill out our book collection form.

Frequently Asked Questions


All kinds of books (regardless of genre) and extra stationery office supplies are accepted – as these will also be examined and sorted out by our team. Foremost, BookSpine PH condemns redistribution of illegally reprinted and pirated books.

No, all kinds of books, extra stationery, office supplies are accepted – as these will also be examined and sorted out by our team.

All genres of books are accepted since our team will examine and sort out what books will be suitable for our partner beneficiaries.

Depending on the books' conditions and usability, they will either be sold on our website, directly sent to our partner beneficiary, or sold in junk shops.

The matrix are as follows:
  • 60% of sales go to beneficiaries
  • 40% of sales to BookSpine PH
  • unsold books/supplies stay on our website unless decided to be donated directly to our partner beneficiary.

BookSpine PH will make sure to keep you updated on the status of your donations from if they were:
  • posted on the website (if available or sold)
  • donated directly to the foundation or other organizations
  • sold to junk shops for cash (which will still be given to our partner)

  • +
    Free pick-ups will be given to all donors inside Metro Manila who will donate at least 20 books. However, it may still depend on the kind and condition of the books.

    Donors will receive 1 point (equivalent to PhP 1) per book donated. These can be used on buying books and supplies at – no minimum spend! This will be valid a year from the date of issuance, non-transferrable.

    This is from a case-to-case basis. Depending on the conditions, usability, and number of your books, we can accept them since these would still be helpful to other students and children. However, BookSpine PH may not guarantee a total shoulder of its shipping fee. In addition, we only accept work and textbooks for college.

    We don't charge fees to those who want to donate other than the shipping fee if they don’t qualify for the free pick-up option.


    BookSpine PH accepts any kind of book as long as its book condition score is not below 6. See our BCS table here:

    Your PB Partner will always be BookSpine Mall. Books consigned will be received by any of our warehouse team.

    None. You will only have to sign the Contract Extension Agreement. Also, take note that products will remain at a 50% discount after 6 months of the original contract even when there’s an extension.

    For existing books, no you may not change the PB service. For additional books, yes, you may. Kindly, fill out another PB profile for that.

    BookSpine PH can assure you of the effectiveness of our Pasa-Benta service. This can be proven by our marketing efforts. We post new books on various social media platforms from time to time — FB, IG, TikTok, and Twitter. This is to ensure that the books consigned to us are getting the promotions they deserve.

    Yes, this is good. In fact, we will only send you the shipping details once you have submitted all the requirements. However, please note that we'll only process the upload to our website once the books have been received by our partner.

    Yes. We will shoulder half of the shipping fee if the books are more than 30. Otherwise, SF is shouldered fully by the owner. We recommend using on-demand service couriers like Grab or Lalamove as these are not weight-based. If those are unavailable in your area, you may use any other courier, but BookSpine will base its refund on the shipping fee of Gogo Xpress.