A Werewolf Boy by Kim Miri

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Forty-seven years ago, Suni and her family, who had just moved to a distant village from Seoul, discovered a feral boy whom their mother had insisted on adopting and named him Cheoul-Su. Suni considered him a nuisance at first but she eventually began to enjoy taming him like a pet dog. She taught him how to act like a normal man: how to wait patiently before a meal, how to wear clothes, how to speak, and how to write. As Suni tried to civilize Cheoul-Su, they grew closer and more fond of each o ther. But their blossoming relationship was fraught with troubles caused by Ji-tae, a family friend who secretly wanted Suni for himself. After witnessing Cheoul-Su transform into a werewolf, Ji-tae provoked him into revealing his werewolf form so the villagers would fear him. To save Cheoul-Su, Suni drove him away but not without giving him a promise:”…I will come back to see you.”


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Creased, might show signs of
May be warped
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no notes or markings
Minimal to some discoloration.
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May include owner's name
Slightly tanned pages
Limited highlights and/or notes
Some pages are earmarked/loose.
Tanned pages
With highlights and/or notes
but texts are not hidden/obscured. Pages are loose.
Cover Original plastic cover and/or
book jacket is intact
Minor defects, book jacket,
and/or cover are still intact
Book jacket might be missing
The cover might be slightly creased
Cover slightly torn/folded Might be slightly creased or
discolored but still intact.

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