Almost Paradise by Susan Isaacs

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER From bestselling author Susan Isaacs comes to a wealthy family saga about marriage, wealth, and celebrity amid personal tragedy—and about the ties that bind us together and the missed opportunities that tear us apart. Nick is stunningly handsome, the blue-eyed scion of a blue-blood New York family. Rich, talented, confident, he will become the world's most famous movie star. Jane is delightfully funny, a dark-skinned, dark-haired, half-Jewish, half-German daughter of the Midwest. Intelligent, gifted, loving, she will become famous in her own right as well. From the time they first meet in their Social and Intellectual History of the U.S. course at Brown University, it's love at first sight. Coming together from two very different worlds, they will cast off adversity and disapproval to forge a life filled with work, love, and children. But fame and success come at a high price—their marriage. Just when it seems the promise of their love might be renewed, an accident leaves Jane hovering between life and death. Now, it's not only their union that might not survive but Jane, too... Almost Paradise is vintage Susan Isaacs, a witty, poignant, and fascinating tale of a man, a woman, and a passion wondrous, heartbreaking, and unforgettable.


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English Edition, Paperback

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