Bittersweet Passion by Lynne Graham

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In desperation, Claire asked Dane to marry her Her adoptive grandfather had left Claire Fletcher his entire estate on the condition that she marry one of his grandsons. But he must have forgotten that the free-spirited Dane Visconti, though long banished from the family's realm, still qualified. And Claire had always idolized and trusted Dane. With his worldly reputation, Claire conceded Dane was not the marrying kind, so when he agreed, she promised to make no demands on him. But Dane made no promise in return - and insisted on a few conditions of his own.


Spine Pages Cover Total BCS Rating
3/5 3/5 4/5 10/15
Slightly creased, evident that book was read and finished Minimal to some discoloration. Very little highlights and/or notes. Minor defects, book jacket, and/or cover are still intact Pre-loved: Gently Used

373170157, English Edition, Mass Paperback, Published in 1988

ISBN: 373170157
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Book Condition Scoring

15 12-14 9-11 6-8 3-5
Like New Very Good Good Fair Well-Read (Overused)
5 4 3 2 1
Spine Smooth, no discoloration Slightly Creased, Minimal discoloration Moderately Creased, Discolored Torn / Loose, Severely Creased, Slightly Warped Severely Warped, Severely Torn, Obscured but still intact
Pages Untouched / No Discoloration Minimal Discoloration, no notes or markings Discolored, Minimal Notes or highlights Discolored, with notes, highlights and doodles Loose Pages, Severely Discolored, Obscured
Cover Untouched, Like new Minor Defects/Stain Creased / Minimum Discoloration or Minimal stains Folded / Discolored, Severely Stained , Missing Book Jacket Torn, Severely folded, Severely discolored/Stained, Obscured

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