Con-Fidence by Todd Strasser

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In this compelling, crisply written novel, Strasser tackles a genuine middle-school predicament head-on- the price one can be tempted to pay for popularity. Referring to herself throughout in the second person, narrator Lauren immediately draws readers into her life as she explains that she and her best friend Tara are eating lunch in that part of the cafeteria she dubs "the realm of the socially inferior." At the same time, the popular girls sit at the "Don't-You-Wish-You-Were-Me table." Though she longs to be part of the in-crowd, Lauren lacks the confidence even to attempt to belong; she refuses to wear makeup, for example, because she fears that her classmates would "snigger and say you were trying to be an A-list girl. It's safer not to try." The author carefully tracks the girl's growing self-confidence after Celeste, an outgoing new girl who instantly becomes a member of the elite group, befriends Lauren and convinces her to run with her for co-treasurer in their class elections. Unlike Lauren, basking in the glow of her new popularity, readers will pick up on the numerous clues that the manipulative, plotting Celeste is hardly trustworthy. Strasser caps his story with a believable outcome, in which Lauren learns a painful lesson about the value of genuine friendship and of confidence that comes from within.


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English Edition, Paperback, First Edition
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May be warped
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no notes or markings
Minimal to some discoloration.
Very little highlights and/or notes.
May include owner's name
Slightly tanned pages
Limited highlights and/or notes
Some pages are earmarked/loose.
Tanned pages
With highlights and/or notes
but texts are not hidden/obscured. Pages are loose.
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book jacket is intact
Minor defects, book jacket,
and/or cover are still intact
Book jacket might be missing
The cover might be slightly creased
Cover slightly torn/folded Might be slightly creased or
discolored but still intact.

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