How To Live With A Unicorn by Jane Moseley

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Would you like to broaden your pet-owning horizons? Are dogs, rabbits, cats, goldfish, and rats too tame for your style of life? Then this is the book you have been searching for! How to Live with a Unicorn features a wide selection of fascinating and challenging pets for the brave, braver, and bravest pet owners around. Take your pick from an array of gigantic, winged, horned, hairy, scary, furred, or feathered pets with between one and nine heads. Learn the which, what, how, and why of 27 fabulous, fantastical pets with the ultimate mythological mystical beast guide around. How to Live with a Unicorn will help you select a mythical companion and teach you how to satisfy its dietary needs. Feed your phoenix, enjoy synchronized swimming with your mermaid, or prepare yourself for the nine-headed hydra's halitosis-and much more. How to choose the right mythological pet Dispel the mystery of your new pet's history Learn how to prepare and care for your mythological pet An at-a-glance pet selector if you're pressed for time


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9780762430888, English Edition, Paperback, Published in 39364

ISBN: 9780762430888
Date Uploaded: Sep 02, 22

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