I Can't Believe It's Yoga! by Lisa Trivell

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WithI Can't Believe It's Yoga!, experience the benefits millions of Americans have already discovered from yoga, and you will be on your way to a happier, healthier lifestyle. Yoga is recognized as one of the most effective forms of exercise and fitness conditioning, yet for most Americans, it is not widely practiced. Integrating yoga into our daily lives and fitness routines can help us look and feel great. Combining flexibility with isometrics, it can be extremely rewarding to add to anyone's fitness mix. For many, though, yoga is seen as being both too difficult and too different to try.I Can't Believe It's Yogaaddresses this perception problem by presenting a yoga based fitness program which is easy to accomplish. I Can't Believe It's Yogawill help you: · Improve strength and flexibility · Tone and sculpt your body · Revitalize and relax your mind You can do it! I can do it!I Can't Believe It's Yoga!


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9781578260329, English Edition, Paperback, Published in 1905-06-21

ISBN: 9781578260329
Date Uploaded: Oct 14, 22

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