Leonardo Da Vinci by Charles Nicholl

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In this engaging and thoroughly researched biography, Charles Nicholl uncovers the man behind the myth of the great Renaissance master. At times a painter, sculptor, inventor, draftsman, and anatomist, Leonardo’s life cannot easily be summarized. And yet, Nicholl skillfully traces the artist’s early days as an illegitimate child in Tuscany; his apprenticeship with Verrocchio in Florence; his service with some of the most powerful Renaissance families; his relationships with Michelangelo and Machiavelli; and his final days at the French royal court. In addition, Nicholl looks beyond the well-known stories of Leonardo’s famous masterpieces and gives us a glimpse into the artist’s everyday life. We learn of Leonardo’s penchant for jokes, his fascination with flight, his obsessive note-making, and even what he ate. Nicholl weaves these details together in a fascinating portrait that goes far toward revealing the enigmatic figure who continues to fascinate present-day readers.


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9780143036128, English Edition, Paperback, Published in 2005-11-29 

ISBN: 9780143036128
Date Uploaded: Oct 14, 22

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