Pasumbingay by Bathalad

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The future of Cebuano poetry lies with its poets. The imperative is for Cebuano poetry to make itself heard, first in the community that speaks the language and then the other communities into which it enters by force of reputation or virtue of translation. What this require is not easy. Conditions of production, publishing, and promotion need to be improved. A culture of criticism must be encouraged. Yet, at the core of this effort, is writing itself, both of the individual writer as well as that group of community of writers to which he or she belongs writing that presents itself as aesthetically and critically different and, therefore, writing that can be ignored only to the diminution of the substance of that republic of letters we call Filipino literature. This book which samples the writings of some of the best and most promising poets in Cebuano today lays claim on the privilege as well as necessity to be heard.


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Filipino Edition, Paperback

Date Uploaded: Mar 03, 22

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