Plan Your Wardrobe With Chata Romano by Chata Romano

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Dressing well is an investment in self-esteem, a message sent to the world about how strong, confident, and beautiful a woman feels. Does your wardrobe have too many mistakes--impulse buys, disappointments, clashing colors, and styles? Do you have a clue what style of watch is most flattering to your hand? A highly successful fashion consultant shows how to accentuate the positive (and camouflage less attractive features) with your clothes, accessories, makeup, and hair. Put together a chic "capsule collection" of mix-and-match garments to suit any occasion. Identify the colors that make you sparkle. Do a figure analysis that will guide you to body-flattering lengths and cuts. Choose bags, shoes, scarves, and jewelry that add pizzazz, and know the absolute essentials for any collection. Whether you're trying to look professional, casual, or wildly sexy, more than 400 pictures and illustrations--including before and after images--will assure you reach your goal!


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4/5 3/5 4/5 11/15
Minimal to no crease Minimal to some discoloration. Very little highlights and/or notes. Minor defects, book jacket, and/or cover are still intact Pre-loved: Gently Used

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1859749401, English Edition, Hard Bound, Published on 28-May-02

Date Uploaded: Jun 02, 22

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