Science Fiction Masterpieces by Isaac Asimov

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This anthology contains: Message to Myself by Diana L. Paxson; In the Country of the Blind No One Can See by Melisa Michaels; Keepersmith by Randall Garrett and Vicki Ann Heydron; A Delicate Shade of Kipney by Nancy Kress; Born Again by Sharon N. Farber; Good-Bye Robinson Crusoe by John Varley; A Bait of Dreams by Jo Clayton; Dance Band on the Titanic by Jack Chalker; Bystander by Alan Dean Foster; Time and Hagakure by Steven Utley; Ghosts by Keith Minnion; A Simple Outside Job by Robert Lee Hawkins; The Last Defender of Camelot by Roger Zelazny; Lost and Found by Michael A. Banks and George Wagner; Hellhole by David Gerrold; The Man Who Took the Fifth by Michael Schimmel; The Adventure of the Global Traveler by Anne Lear; Backspace by F. M. Busby; On the Q167 File by John M. Ford; Horseless Carriage by Michael A. Banks; Piece de Resistance by Jesse Bone; Lipidleggin' by F. Paul Wilson; Omit Flowers by Dean McLaughlin; One Rejection Too Many by Patricia Nurse; But Do They Ride Dolphins? by Frederick S. Lord; When There's No Man Around by Stephen Goldin; Guilt by James Gunn; Proud Rider by Barry B. Longyear; Lorelie at Storyville West by Sherwood Springer; On the Way by Conway Conley; Darkside by Gary D. McClellan; No Room in the Stable by A. Bertram Chandler; African Blues by Paula Smith; Coming of Age in Henson's Tube by William Jon Watkins; Star Train by Drew Mendelson; Softly Touch the Stranger's Mind by E. Amalia Andujar; Joelle by Poul Anderson; Quarantine by Arthur C. Clarke; Cautionary Tales by Larry Niven; Air Raid by Herb Boehm; A Many Splendored Thing by Linda Isaacs; Boarder Incident by Ted Reynolds; Low Grade Ore by Kevin O'Donnell; Heal the Sick Raise the Dead by Jesse Peel; A Time for Terror by Frederick Longbeard; Perchance to Dream by Sally A. Sellers; The Small Stones to Tu Fu by Brian W. Aldiss; To Sin Against Systems by Garry R. Osgood; Louisville Slugger by Jack C. Haldeman II; and Good Taste by Isaac Asimov.


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4/5 3/5 3/5 10/15
Minimal to no crease Minimal to some discoloration. Very little highlights and/or notes. Book jacket might be missing. The cover might be slightly creased Pre-loved: Gently Used

883657139, English Edition, Hard Bound, Published in 1986

ISBN: 883657139
Date Uploaded: Sep 02, 22

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