Speak Smart by Thomas K. Mira

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Anyone who gets anxious about speaking in public has no doubt been given the same tiresome advice again and again. "Just open with a joke," or "just picture your audience in their underwear." If you've ever tried these suggestions, you've no doubt noticed that they are both ineffective and rather disturbing. Nothing will help you feel more confident than having a carefully planned, thoughtfully written and well-rehearsed presentation. Speak Smart is your roadmap to a winning performance, as this guide shows you how to: Write and prepare captivating presentations Decide whether to ad-lib, prepare an outline or follow a script Set your jitters aside Skillfully use visual aids Be aware of your body language Keep control of question/answer sessions Included in the book are detailed lessons on: Speech and nonverbal communication Writing great presentations Choosing a presentation format Choosing visual aids Preparing for the big speech Adapting to speaking environments Fielding questions Speaking through the media Diaphragmatic exercises


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9780679778684, English Edition, Paperback, Published in 1997

ISBN: 9780679778684
Date Uploaded: Oct 14, 22

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