Strong Women Eat Well by Miriam E. Nelson Ph.D, Judy Knipe

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Dr. Miriam Nelson clears away the misconceptions and myths-often fueled by the proponents of diets that focus on weight loss-and explains how to make the right food decisions. She offers sound, scientifically based advice, and shows women how to finally find pleasure in eating-and eating well. Included are: Why high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets are ineffective and potentially dangerous How to read and understand "Nutrition Facts" The formula for determining how much protein is needed Advice on whether to buy organic What "fat-free" really means on a label The latest information on genetically engineered foods Advice on supplements 50 recipes and more


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9780399527826, English Edition, Paperback, Published in 2002-05-07

ISBN: 9780399527826
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