The Feet Of Juan Bacnang by F. Sionil Jose

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As with most of his highly acclaimed works, Jose intricately loops highlights from Philippine history with his Ilokano heritage.

The novel starts with beginning of the end of the life of Bacnang as he looks back at the ups and downs of his haywire fate. Every chapter of the novel tells of the demented encounters Bacnang faced and the filthy-rich secrets his politician father kept from everyone—except from Bacnang. But Juan hides a smelly secret he shares with his father: a pair of ugly feet with big toes webbed to the rest, hideously small and broad—an omen, as was said when he was born. The same set of feet which, ironically, are also his ticket to a rollercoaster life of luxury.


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English Edition, Paperback

Date Uploaded: Mar 04, 22

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