Thor: An Origin Story by Rich Thomas Jr. And Pat Olliffe

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undefined.Imagine being a prince that some would hail as a god. Imagine that you're the heir to your father's throne. Finally, imagine that you have unlimited power to control the elements at your fingertips. Thor Odinson doesn't need to imagine any of this. Thor will one day rule Asgard, but first he must prove himself worthy. He fights great battles, defends his kingdom and is a loyal friend. But Thor is arrogant, and this could cost him the right to wield the mighty hammer, Mjolnir, and to ascend to the throne. Can Thor learn humility before he loses his royal right to his jealous brother, Loki? This new edition of the classic tale of Thor has been completely re-illustrated and repackaged, with a bold cover that's bursting with color and action, and new artwork that is sure to attract young Super Hero fans, or anyone in search of a great story.


Spine Pages Cover Total BCS Rating
4/5 3/5 3/5 10/15
Minimal to no crease Minimal to some discoloration. Very little highlights and/or notes. Book jacket might be missing. The cover might be slightly creased Pre-loved: Gently Used

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1423172154, English Edition, Hard Bound, Published in 41555

Date Uploaded: Jun 02, 22

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